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The Best RV Battery: Top-Rated Deep Cycle Battery Picks

This guide provides comprehensive insights into selecting the best RV battery for your needs, giving you the confidence that you are making an informed decision.

Art of How to Fill a Hot Water Tank in an RV 101

Have you ever wondered how RV enthusiasts manage to enjoy the comfort of hot showers and the convenience of warm water no matter where they are? The answer lies in the hot water tank systems that come equipped in RVs.


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How Much Does it Cost to Tow an RV?

Let's go ahead an learn about how much does it cost to tow an RV, on of the expenses that can come with the RV ownership lifestyle.

RV Refrigerator Buying Guide

Are you planning a road trip with your RV and need a reliable RV refrigerator to store your food and drinks? Choosing the right RV fridge can be a daunting task.

What are the Pros & Cons involved with renting your RV?

Renting your recreational vehicle (RV) is one of the easiest ways to make money, especially when it spends a lot of time in the driveway or storage during your off-season.

Comprehensive Guide: How to Sell a Trailer Without a Title

Whether you have misplaced the title or never received one in the first place, we will provide you with valuable information on how to sell a trailer without a title, from understanding the legal requirements to obtaining the necessary documentation,

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The world of motorhomes is as diverse as it is fascinating. One crucial factor should always be kept in mind: resale value.

Learn How to Seal an RV Air Conditioner to Ensure Peak Performance

Common issues that can arise from air conditioner leaks may lead to a cascade of problems, affecting everything from internal humidity levels to the overall energy efficiency of your cooling system. These leaks can cause your air conditioner to work harder, increasing wear and tear and potentially shortening its lifespan.

RV Insurance – Protect Yourself with the Right Coverage in 2023

It's important to have RV insurance because it can help cover any repairs needed after an accident and coverage for anyone who may be injured while riding in your RV.

Planning for a Road Trip? Expert Advice on Whether To Lease Or Purchase An RV

Planning a road trip can be an exciting adventure, but it's also important to consider what type of vehicle you'll use. Should you rent or purchase an RV? Both options have their own advantages and drawbacks that should be weighed before making your decision.

10 of the Best RV Resorts in Arizona for a Relaxing Getaway

Are you planning your a getaway and looking for the perfect destination? Look no further than Arizona! The state is renowned for its diverse landscapes and stunning beauty.

Discover the Beauty of Pinnacles National Park California

Discover the beauty of Pinnacles National Park. Explore towering rock formations, vibrant wildflowers, and diverse wildlife in this natural wonderland.
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Discover the RV Life: An Extensive Guide about RV Travel and the RV Lifestyle

Welcome to the world of RVing - a lifestyle full of adventure, freedom, and exploration. This travel blog site and the articles we offer are your comprehensive guide to understanding and embracing the RV and lifestyle. We'll cover everything from the basics of RV life, how to live in an RV, different types of RVs, buying vs renting an RV, must-have RV gear, and much more. So buckle up and let's get started!

Understanding RV Life

The Recreational Vehicle (RV) lifestyle embodies the spirit of freedom, adventure, and the open road. It's about escaping the ordinary, exploring the unexplored, and living life on your own terms. Whether it's the allure of waking up in a different location every morning or the simplicity of carrying your home wherever you go, RV life offers an unparalleled experience. We all want to live our life differently, and the RV lifestyle gives everyone the opportunity to tailor the journey to their specific desires.

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Basics of RV Travel and Lifestyle

Travelling in an RV involves using a motorhome or trailer as your primary living space while on the road. This mode of travel provides all the comforts of home combined with the flexibility to explore new places. From cooking your meals in your onboard kitchen to sleeping under the stars in remote locations, RV travel redefines the way you experience the world around you. We'll give you ways to live in your RV,

Different Types of RVs

Overview of Different RV Types

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to RVs. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs tailored to suit different needs and preferences.


Motorhomes are self-propelled RVs that offer all-in-one convenience. They are divided into three classes - A, B, and C. Class A motorhomes are the largest, offering luxurious amenities akin to a high-end apartment. Class B motorhomes, also known as camper vans, are the smallest, perfect for solo travelers or couples. Class C motorhomes strike a balance between size and comfort, providing an over-cab sleeping area.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are towable RVs that range from small teardrop trailers to large multi-room family campers. Their versatility and variety in size make them a popular choice among RV enthusiasts.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are large towable RVs that require a special hitch in the bed of a pickup truck for towing. They provide a high level of comfort and space, making them ideal for long-term living.

Truck Campers

Truck campers are compact RVs that fit in the bed of a pickup truck. Despite their small size, they pack in essential amenities, making them perfect for off-grid adventures.

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Choosing the Right RV for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right RV involves considering factors like your travel needs, budget, and lifestyle. A solo traveler might prefer a compact camper van for its simplicity and manoeuvrability, while a family might opt for a spacious motorhome or fifth wheel. Consider renting different types of RVs before making a purchase to find what suits you best.

Buying vs Renting an RV

Investing in an RV is a big decision. Get informed on whether your lifestyle and budget is best service by buying or renting an RV to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of Buying an RV

Buying an RV gives you the freedom to customize it to your liking and use it whenever you want. However, it's a significant investment that includes costs like maintenance, storage, insurance, and depreciation. Consult our articles on the subject before you go to look for an RV for sale to be well informed before you buy something on RV trader

Pros and Cons of Renting an RV

Renting an RV before you buy allows you to try out different models of RVs before committing to one, and it's a cost-effective option for occasional travelers. However, rv rental availability during peak travel season can be limited, and you may miss out on the sense of ownership that comes with having your own RV.

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Essential RV Products

Must-Have RV Gear

Some must-have RV gear includes a GPS designed for RVs, leveling blocks, surge protector, water pressure regulator, and sewer hose kit. These RV parts essentials ensure your RV journey is safe and comfortable.

Recommended RV Equipment

Apart from the essentials, consider investing in a quality outdoor grill, comfortable camping chairs, a portable generator, and solar panels for off-grid camping. These accessories enhance your RVing experience and provide additional comfort and convenience. Our articles about RV products provide you with great information and help you save money on your RV purchases.

We've also got a series of articles on truck accessories and performance improvements.

Getting Started with RV Life

Preparing for Your First RV Trip

Preparing for your first RV trip involves planning your route, packing smartly, familiarizing yourself with RV systems, and making campground reservations. It's also important to practice driving and parking the RV before you go RVing.

Navigating the Open Road

Navigating the open road in an RV requires understanding height and weight restrictions, avoiding tight turns and low-clearance bridges, and learning how to handle various weather conditions. A good GPS designed for RVs can help you navigate safely.

Understanding RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV parks and campgrounds are places where you can park your RV overnight. They range from basic sites with just a spot to park and an electrical hookup, to luxury resorts with amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs, and golf courses. Researching and booking in advance is crucial, especially during peak travel season. We have articles that discuss the difference to the RVing lifestyle between staying in private campgrounds or public campgrounds.

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There's information on RV parks, including national parks and state/provincial parks in multiple destinations, including Arizona, California, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, Utah, Florida

Embracing the RV LIfestyle

Day-to-Day Living in an RV

Day-to-day living in an RV involves tasks like cooking, cleaning, maintaining the RV, and planning your travel schedule. While it can be challenging at times, the freedom and adventure it provides make it all worthwhile. We have articles that provide information on how to make travel in an RV easier. There's also tips and tricks to make sure that your journey is environmentally friendly and articles on travelling with kids or travelling with pets, the travel buddies shared by many RVers

Full Time RV Life

Some choose to make an RV their only home, traveling full time during retirement of as a digital nomad. Full time RVers are a special breed, as they have to be resourceful and able to solve issues on the road. We offer tips and tricks to help you know what to expect when you decide to live in an RV full time. Full time travel in an RV presents unique challenges and opportunities you should be aware of. Check out all the articles on the subject before you consider living on the road full time

Balancing Work and Travel

Many RVers work remotely while travelling. Balancing work and travel involves having reliable internet access, setting aside dedicated work hours, and planning your travel around your work schedule. This helps you maintain good health, including reaping the mental health benefits of an outdoor lifestyle.

Socializing and Building Community on the Road

The RV community is a diverse and welcoming group. Socializing involves attending RV rallies, joining online RV communities, and meeting fellow RVers at campgrounds. Building a community on the road enhances your RVing experience and provides a support network while you're away from home.

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RV Outdoor Adventures

Exploring Destinations

One of the greatest joys of travel in an RV is the ability to explore new destinations at your own pace. From national parks and coastal towns to bustling cities and historic sites, the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose full time family travel or part time RV travel, the destinations you visit and enjoy are an essential part of the RV journey.

Enjoying Outdoor Activities

Travelling in an RV pairs perfectly with outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, biking, fishing, and wildlife watching. It provides accessto natural landscapes and encourages a lifestyle of adventure and exploration.

Maintaining Your RV

Regular Maintenance Tasks

Regular RV maintenance includes tasks like checking tire pressure, inspecting roof seals, cleaning and sanitizing the water system, and servicing your RV's engine. Proper maintenance keeps your RV running smoothly and prevents costly repairs down the line.

Dealing with Common RV Issues

Common RV issues include battery failures, tire blowouts, leaks, and appliance malfunctions. Understanding how to diagnose and fix these problems will save you time and stress on the road. It's also essential to have a roadside assistance plan for those times when professional help is required.


Embracing the Freedom of RV Life

Embracing RV life means adopting a lifestyle of freedom, exploration, and simplicity. It's about leaving behind the mundane, stepping out of your comfort zone, and experiencing life through a new lens. Yes, there will be challenges along the way, but the rewards are well worth it, whether you enjoy a part time or full time RV life.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're considering a weekend getaway in a rented camper van or planning a cross-country journey in a luxurious motorhome or even if you're looking to travel full time RV travel offers an unmatchable experience. As you navigate the open roads traveling the country, explore new destinations, and build a community on the go, you'll discover that RV life on the road is not just about the destination; it's about the journey. So here's to the open road, the adventures that await, and the freedom of RV life!

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