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La Mauricie National Park – Camping & Accommodations

La Mauricie National Park is a wonderful national park located in the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec. This park is located within the Canadian shield and houses over 150 lakes and ponds. The park is well recommended and offers amazing views to the visitors coming to the park. But to enjoy the wonders of this park you must know the camping availability and other accommodations so here are some options best suited when coming to this national park.

Camping Within La Mauricie National Park

Camping at La Mauricie National Park is an amazing experience, and they offer many outlets for visitors to do that. They have everything from semi-serviced campgrounds to buildings within to camp at. They even have something for winter campers so pack up your snow suits and winterize your RV. Here are some of the benefits of camping at the park.

Semi-Serviced Sites

La Mauricie National Park is equipped with more than 500 of these sites and they are perfect for those who love tent, trailer, RV, and tent-trailer campers! Within these sites, there are fireplaces and picnic tables, and a nearby water outlet. They also have nearby washrooms with showers and toilets, so it is a haven for all campers to enjoy.

The sites vary in privacy, but all have an amazing, wooded vibe to them that will make all campers fall in love. These sites require reservations but that is easy to do on Parks Canada. There are 3 campgrounds for this form Rivière à la Pêche, Mistagance, and Wapizagonke their availability is online at Parks Canada.

Canoe Camping

Want to experience camping in the backcountry? How about a unique experience that requires you to attend via canoe? Then you have come to the right place with 136 sites accessible this way you can experience this beauty throughout 12 lakes within the park. These sites are perfect for adventurers and experienced canoers.

They are made for tent campers so make sure to pick out the perfect tent for your trip to make sure you are comfortable during your stay here. This form of camping requires bookings and is open from May to October.


Do you dream of simplicity during your camping trip? Want to experience something between a tent and a cottage? oTENTik is what you need then. They provide everything you need including beds, a table, chairs a BBQ, and anything else to provide maximum comfort to visitors. This form of camping is ideal for glampers and those who want to feel more luxury during their stay.

This is a highly unique experience offered here that you won’t want to pass up. These sites are in high demand which means they require a reservation in advance. You should be ready to book in advance to get a good site during your stay. In total, there are about 25 of these available throughout the park to stay at. If you bring the camping basics you will be all set to come here!

Group Camping

Now, who said camping must be a solo excursion? That’s right no one! Especially at this National Park camping can be a huge group event. These accommodations can house up to 70 people during their stay and there are complete amenities included within. The special thing about these sites is there is a minimum amount of people required to stay at the site which is 45.

The amenities provided within are kitchen shelters, service buildings, campfires, parking, and a wide grassy area for activities. Just make sure to bring the tents and anything else people may want for comfort, and you will be all set to go during your trip!

Domaine Wabenaki-Andrew

Now, this is one of the more luxurious forms of camping within the grounds. Do you want to feel pampered during your stay? Want to only must bring the necessities like food and games? Or better yet what about staying where the Kennedy family has in the past? If that sounds alluring to you then you should investigate the luxury of this form of camping.

These buildings are located on Lac à la Pêche and are comfortable and affordable for campers to stay at. These buildings are marketed as being a perfect place to rest and recharge during their stay. Since there are only 2 of them and they are in high demand bookings are currently a year out and fluctuate at times. The best thing to do when looking into when seeking to camp here is Parks Canada.

Winter Accommodations

Do you want to camp during the winter but feel that it would be unachievable with your equipment? Fret not this national park has built-in winter accommodations for the snow lovers out there. They have cozy oTENTik’s waiting for you to reserve. They have smaller availabilities during the winter approximately 13 of them are available. The even cooler part about these is the fact you get a sled to bring your stuff to your site.

During your winter wonderland stay you can take part in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and just generally exploring the winter beauty all around you. Firewood is provided during your stay, but they advise you to use it sparingly because the stove can turn your oTENTik into a sauna if burnt too fast. Other forms like the Domaine Wabenaki-Andrew cabins and natural winter camping are available for visitors to take part in. Check Parks Canada for all the available information regarding winter camping at La Mauricie National Park!

Closing Remarks

Alright, now that you know how many different accommodations you can use within this national park what is left to decide? The beauty and campgrounds within captivate campers and are exactly what people need to experience at least once. Full information on the camping accommodations within the park is available by phone or on Parks Canada’s website. If you have any questions, they are great at answering them! Now have fun and travel safely!

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