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Campgrounds in BC – Top 6 National and Provincial Parks

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A visit to the campgrounds in British Columbia is probably the most exciting Canadian RV destination. Canada is a country with much to offer and the west coast is no exception to this. It is well known for its sprawling mountains, deep valleys, eco friendly attitude and laid back mentality. As a major tourist location, British Columbia has tons of spots for camping and RV trips. Be sure to check out which RV campgrounds are best for RV travel and which will accommodate your size of RV. Here are some of the best RV campgrounds that we have found in British Columbia.

The Best National and Provincial Campgrounds in BC for Camping

Horsefly Lake Provincial Park

horsefly lake provincial park

Horsefly Lake is located in the southern interior of British Columbia. It is a beautiful location, one of the most stunning BC campgrounds, and is located on one of the deepest lakes in the province. The deep lake shores make for breathtaking views and great fishing, along with the many other lakes located around the park. The hiking around the park is also well known and provides a great workout and eco friendly activity. The campground itself provides an intimate setting for family trips as there are only 23 sites within the park. They are also great for RVs up to 32 feet. Some of the RV sites back right onto the lake and are some of the most scenic camping sites in British Columbia. 

Saltery Bay Provincial Park

saltery bay provincial park

Saltery Bay is located in the coastal mainland of British Columbia better known as the sunshine coast. The park was meant to provide pedestrian access to the ocean along the Georgia strait. The park offers beautiful views of the old growth forest and the coastline. Visitors often report seeing killer whales and sea lions along the coast. There is also a beautiful day use area called mermaid cove which also offers the opportunity for scuba diving to view the abundant sea life in the area. The camp sites offer spots for RVs up to 32 feet in size. The old growth forest offers abundant shade and ambiance in the camp sites. There are only 42 sites in the park which also makes for a wonderfully private trip. This area is by far one of the best provincial parks in BC to soak in the ocean air in British Columbia. 

Prudhomme Lake Provincial Park

prudhomme lake provincial park

Prudhomme Lake is a gorgeous and scenic park in northern British Columbia located not too far from the border of Alaska. It is a small park with only 24 campsites, which makes for a quaint and quiet stay in the northern woods. Very close to this park is a neighbouring Diana Lake which doubles the amount of activities you can find in the area. The scenery in the area is unmatched and provides a profound sense of serenity. The area also offers great canoeing and kayaking so be sure to use your roof racks. The campsites at the park provide tons of space and will fit RVs over 32 feet long. Even with a large rig the sites will still have tons of room to spare. 

Kootenay National Park

kootenay national park

Kootenay National Park is a very large park located in east British Columbia right along the border to Alberta. It has vast sprawling landscapes which were created by glaciers and fires. One of the many notable features is the extensive rivers that run through it. It is also bordering on Jasper National Park which is another great area to check out while you are there. There is so much to see and do while you are in Kootenay. Be sure to check out the hikes available, such as the hike to Stanley’s glacier which you can also get a guide for. Next, take a hike to see the Numa waterfalls. There are also hot springs in the park which are a perfect place to relax and unwind after the drive. There are multiple campgrounds in the park which offer different exciting features. Some campgrounds are better for smaller RV’s while others can accommodate RVs over 35 feet. The drive through the park alone is enough to bring you to this beautiful area and is surely something to add to your bucket list. 

Pacific Rim National Park

pacific rim national park

Pacific Rim National Park is a beautiful landscape located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The beaches in this park are unmatched when camping Vancouver Island and provide beautiful look out locations for your next hike or picnic. This is the perfect park for adventurers as it is located within Canada’s only temperate rainforest. The old growth trees are absolutely stunning and are truly a once in a lifetime sight. The coastline is also a great place for some surfing lessons since this area is close to one of Canada’s best areas for surfing. The main campsite can accommodate trailers over 35 feet and are incredibly roomy. The dense forest makes every site feel remote. They also offer backcountry sites and hikes in the neighbouring campgrounds. 

Mount Revelstoke National Park

campgrounds in bc - mount revelstoke national park

Mount Revelstoke National Park is definitely one of the best parks in BC to explore the natural beauty of the province. It is incredibly well known for its amazing mountains and views. This park is also located in the rainforest, but is broken up by the incredible mountain range. The drive along Meadows in the Sky Parkway alone is enough to bring out the wonder inside yourself. Mount Revelstoke is most well known for its incredible opportunity for winter sports. The skiing and snowboarding in this area is phenomenal. In the summer time you can also climb one of the mountains right to the summit, the trail head is just a short walk from the parking lot. In the park itself, most campsites can accommodate an RV up to 21 feet, however there are a couple of spots which will fit a 35 foot RV. While you are in the area you can also check out the surrounding towns such as Golden, BC and Radium Hot Springs, AB.


How to find campgrounds in BC?

Hello BC has an interactive BC camping map to find accommodations of all kinds, including campgrounds.

How much does it cost to camp in BC?

Rates vary based on the individual park, what campsite amenities you want, and time of the year. Serviced sites range from $CAD13 to $45 per party per night and backcountry camping without services ranges from $CAD5 to $10 per night.

Is there free camping in BC?

Yes. Free campsites are offered at most public campgrounds and parks in BC But they tend to be more remote, so bring a large backpack.

Where can I park my RV for free in BC?

Here are some suggestions to check out for free RV parking opportunities in British Columbia:
·         Apple Point Rec Site
·         Amor Lake Rec Site
·         Augier Lake Rec Site
·         Batnuni Lake East Rec Site
·         Begbie Falls Rec Site
·         Big O.K. Lake (Island Lake) Rec Site
·         Bootjack Lake Rec Site
·         Bonanza Lake Rec Sites
·         Davis Lake Provincial Park
·         Gray Lake Rec Site
·         Elbow Lake Rec Site
·         Strathcona Dam Rec Site
·         Wapta Falls Rec Site
·         Woods Lake North Rec Site
·         Jigsaw Lake Rec Site

How do I book a campsite in British Columbia?

For BC camping reservations 2023 and beyond, visit the reservation sites for BC Provincial Parks. Bookings at the National Parks should be done directly with Parks Canada

Conclusion – Visiting a RV Park Campground in BC

All of these beautiful campgrounds in BC parks are worth the visit and all have their own opportunities and sights to see. The drive along historic highway 1 itself is truly a unique and wonderful experience, especially for RV drivers thanks to the beautiful stops along the way. 

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