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5 Top Health Benefits of Camping & the RV Lifestyle

Imagine a beautiful and scenic road, the feeling of unlimited possibilities, the safety and comfort of a transportable home that provides you optimal living accommodations no matter where you go! Many define this as the RV Lifestyle, and whether you spend your time with your family for an ambitious coast to coast summer adventure, or whether you prefer solo time on the road, there is an RV for you and many corresponding health benefits!

Camping and an RV lifestyle bring the opportunity to stay physically active, socialize and connect with others in a meaningful and distraction free way, and to reap corresponding physical and mental benefits of camping! Now consider these five specific health benefits that you can enjoy by embracing an outdoor RV or camping lifestyle!

Opportunity to exercise and stay active

In addition to providing you the means to be social and in a calm and picturesque environment, being outdoors can have many physical health benefits as well! Directly, being outdoors and traveling with your RV gives you many opportunities to be active. Whether you set your RV up to go for a nice long hike, jog, or play some sports with your friends and family, being in an RV will keep you away from a sedentary lifestyle and give you an opportunity to enjoy having nature in your backyard.  You can even take your bike along and go on long bike rides.

Also, as both your mental and physical health are intimately connected, by feeling at ease mentally, your body will become less stressed and you should reap corresponding physical health benefits!

Getaway from from air pollution and noise

Another benefit of the RV lifestyle, you could consider a scientific benefit of camping,  is it tends to take you places away from the noise and pollution of the city! Being outdoors will give you an opportunity to breathe in fresh air and be away from environmental toxins that you face in everyday life. Thus further optimizing your health as breathing in clean air is definitely good for you!

Opportunity to socialize

Today, many people consider themselves social just from being online or communicating through various social media platforms, however there is something to be said about the beauty of simply being present with your friends and family and having focused conversations. Whether that be over an intense game of cards or while throwing horseshoes by the fire, or when you finally reach the peak of a local mountain after a rigorous hike. It’s these conversations, where you are outdoors and away from the everyday distractions and stressors of life, that you truly get  to connect with your loved ones, the outdoors and yourself.

Also, when you go camping you often get the opportunity to meet new people on your journey. Whether it be the family parked beside you or other hikers you meet on the trail, it’s great to connect with people from all over and learn new things! By being a camper or RV owner you can gain great opportunities to interact with fellow outdoor enthusiasts!

Check out a past blog where we specified the benefits of an RV lifestyle for students  which includes making new friends and socializing!

Reduces your stress

A major benefit of embracing the RV lifestyle is reducing stress. When you are  outdoors or enjoying the open road, you are away from many stressors and responsibilities they would have in their everyday life. Whether that be from a job, social media, or just the simple stresses that come with adulthood, being outdoors has a way of making those stresses seem small and insignificant and give you a greater perspective of what is important. It can give you a clear and refreshed outlook on your life and the problems you are facing and thus make you a more productive and happy person!

Also, stress is something that has many negative physical effects on your life and thus, by having the freedom and luxury of the RV lifestyle will allow you to reduce your stress and reap physical health benefits. It can also help children and young adults during breaks from school, as it can give them a chance to relax and unwind with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors without the stress of social media or school. Thus, the RV lifestyle can help campers of all ages by giving them a great opportunity to be stress free and enjoy themselves and the company of those around them!

Good for your mental health

Overall, the icing on the cake for embracing the RV lifestyle, is the overall mental health benefits. Imagine getting off work and a long weekend or break ahead, and the feeling of getting into your RV and going for a ride. There are many mental health benefits to reap from spending time traveling in your RV or living in an RV while camping or exploring nature. For one, it can allow you to forget about whatever in your life is causing you stress and give you an opportunity to refocus your energy onto something positive. It can also allow you to connect with family and friends in a relaxed environment which can make you reap many mental health benefits!

Therefore, the mental benefits of camping and being outdoors are connected with the other benefits listed, as well stand on their own as a profound reason to get outdoors!

What if I don’t have an RV?

If you don’t have an RV you can still benefit from a lifestyle outdoors through camping the old-fashion way. Simply, by having a campsite and using a camping tent, and the necessary tools (i.e. camping lantern), one can reap similar health benefits!

But if you’re a long-time camper and want to up your camping game by getting an RV, perhaps this is your sign to do so! RVs provide lots of great amenities and make for a great way to take everything you need with you to the outdoors! Especially if you are more of a fan of glamping, the RV lifestyle can definitely allow you to reap all the health benefits while having more amenities available to you!

We also have a past blog regarding 5 tips on financing your dream camper  that can help make your camping dreams become a reality that we would love for you to check out!

So what’s stopping you?

Given the many health benefits of camping and embracing the RV lifestyle, it’s time for you to experience it in all of its glory! If you already have an RV or the necessary camping supplies, book that campground today and get outdoors with your family and friends! If you don’t have an RV maybe this is the sign that you should try it out!

Also, if you are looking for activities to participate in while you are living in your RV consider mountain biking as there are many benefits and we discussed the various types of mountain bike s you can get in order to achieve these benefits in a past blog!

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