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8 Simple Steps: How to Make Your Own Over-the-Door Organizer for Better Storage in your RV


What is an over the door organizer?

An over the door organizer is a versatile storage solution. It hangs securely over any standard door and provides extra space. This type of organizer often features pockets or shelves and can hold a variety of items.

Benefits of using an over the door organizer in your RV

RVs are beloved for their compact nature, but this also means storage space is at a premium. An over the door organizer capitalizes on untapped vertical space. It keeps essentials tidy and accessible, which is crucial in a small area like an RV. Users benefit from decreased clutter and increased efficiency in their living space.

An over the door organizer capitalizes on untapped vertical space

Materials Needed to Make Your Own Over the Door Organizer

List of required materials

To start this project, you will need materials such as fabric, clear plastic sheets, sewing supplies, hooks, and possibly wood or metal for frames. Selecting the correct materials ensures durability and functionality.

over the door organizer

Tips for choosing the right materials for durability and functionality


Choose a heavy-duty fabric like canvas or denim that can withstand the weight of the items you plan to store. Select a fabric color or pattern that matches your personal style or RV decor.

Clear plastic sheets

These will be used to create pockets for organizing smaller items. Look for thick, durable plastic sheets that won’t rip or tear easily. Clear plastic allows you to easily see the contents of each pocket.

Sewing supplies

Depending on your chosen design, you may need a sewing machine or hand sewing supplies. This includes needles, thread, scissors, measuring tape, and pins. Make sure to choose thread that matches or complements your fabric color.


Look for hooks that are specifically designed for over-the-door use. They should have a smooth surface or a protective coating to prevent scratches on your RV’s doors. Choose hooks that can securely hold the weight of your organizer and its contents.

Wood or metal for frames (optional)

If you prefer a structured organizer with frames, you will need wood or metal pieces to construct the frames. Measure your door and determine the size and shape of the frames you want to create. Cut the wood or metal to the appropriate lengths and angles, and secure them together using screws or brackets.

Additional materials

Depending on your desired design, you may also need items such as Velcro, grommets, or adhesive tape to attach the fabric and plastic sheets together or to reinforce certain areas.

Remember to measure your door and plan out your design before purchasing materials to ensure you have enough fabric, plastic sheets, and other supplies for your project.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Over the Door Organizer

1. Preparing the space and door

Start by measuring your door and the available space. Ensure that the organizer won’t interfere with the door’s function. Clean the door surface for a secure mount.and better adhesion of hooks or frames.

2. Design and layout

Decide on the design and layout of your over the door organizer. Consider the items you want to store and how you want them organized. Sketch out a rough plan or create a digital design to visualize the final product.

3. Cut fabric and plastic sheets

Using your measurements, cut the fabric into the desired size for the main body of the organizer. Cut clear plastic sheets into smaller sizes to create pockets for smaller items. Make sure to leave extra fabric for hemming and attaching the pockets.

4. Hem edges and attach pockets

Fold over the edges of the fabric and sew them to create a clean, finished look. Attach the plastic sheets onto the fabric using sewing or adhesive methods. Make sure to leave openings at the top of the pockets for easy access.

5. Attach hooks or frames

If using hooks, attach them to the top of the fabric by sewing or using adhesive tape. Ensure they are securely fastened. If using frames, assemble them according to your design and attach them to the fabric using screws or brackets.

6. Hang the organizer

Hang the finished organizer over the door, making sure it is centered and secure. Adjust the hooks or frames as necessary to ensure stability. If your door is particularly tall, you might add additional support at the bottom. Test the organizer’s hold before filling it with items.

7. Fill and organize

Once hung, fill the pockets and compartments with your desired items. Use the organizer to keep essentials tidy and accessible in your RV.

8. Customizing the organizer to fit your storage needs

Think about what you’ll store. Adjustable shelves or removable pockets can adapt to various items. Personalizing your organizer ensures that it serves your specific needs. Consider adding labels or tags to help you easily identify what is stored in each pocket or shelf.

Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Over the Door Organizer

Organizing different types of items

Group items by use or category for ease of access. Use labels for clarity. Heavier items should go lower to maintain balance and prevent strain on the organizer.

Maintenance and cleaning of the organizer

Regular maintenance extends the life of your organizer. Fabric should be easy to clean or machine washable. Periodically check the hooks, frames, and any other attachment point for stability and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Utilizing additional storage solutions in conjunction with the organizer

Combine your over the door organizer with under-bed bins or ceiling nets. This multi-layered approach to storage can help keep your RV neat and functional.

Product Recommendations and Reviews

Commercially available organizers come in many styles. Look for those designed specifically for RV use as they consider space constraints and the movement of travel.

Comparison of different products based on features and customer reviews

Compare products based on size, material, capacity, and user feedback. Some may offer innovative features like adjustable straps or collapsible shelves. Customer reviews can provide real-world insight into performance and durability.


Recap of the benefits of using an over the door organizer in your RV

Over the door organizers are a smart way to enhance storage in your RV. They help keep your space organized and make the most of limited room, improving your overall camping experience.

It’s a cost-effective and satisfying way to customize your RV.

Final thoughts and encouragement for DIY RV organization

Empower yourself with DIY projects like creating an over the door organizer. It’s a cost-effective and satisfying way to customize your RV. Happy crafting and safe travels!


What is the first step in creating a DIY over-the-door organizer for my RV?

The first step is to select the ideal location for your over-the-door (OTD) organizer. This is crucial for maximizing space and convenience in your RV.

How do I prepare the hooks for my over-the-door organizer? 

Flatten out your hooks so they fit snugly over the door. This will ensure that your organizer hangs properly and securely.

What is involved in preparing the frame for the over-the-door organizer? 

Preparing the frame involves creating the backbone of your organizer. This will support the entire structure, so it needs to be sturdy and well-crafted.

How do I assemble the components of my over-the-door organizer?

Carefully stick all the components together to form a sturdy structure. Make sure everything is aligned and secure to prevent any mishaps.

Can I personalize my over-the-door organizer?

Absolutely! Add finishing touches to personalize your organizer and ensure its durability. This could include painting, adding fabric, or attaching labels.

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