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5 Outdoor Gas Lanterns Essential for RVing Adventures

Outdoor gas lanterns serve as an iconic symbol of camping and RVing, beckoning adventures under the open sky with their warm and inviting glow. Whereas other forms of outdoor lighting may offer functionality, lantern natural gas models bring a blend of tradition and ambiance that is hard to replicate.


Ideal for those who appreciate the nostalgic feel and the rustic aesthetic they can provide, gas outdoor lanterns are an essential element for anyone looking to create memorable and atmospheric outdoor living spaces. Not only do they illuminate the night with a steady, reliable light that is less dependent on batteries or electricity, but outdoor gas lanterns are also enduringly popular for their ease of use and the charming flicker of natural flame—enhancing the sense of connection with the great outdoors during any RVing or camping trip.

Why you should buy an Outdoor Gas Lantern?

Outdoor gas lanterns present an array of features that make them an indispensable accessory for the avid camper or RVer seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The soft and warm light emitted by lanterns using natural gas enhances your outdoor space with a charming ambiance that electric and battery-powered lights struggle to match. Not just a source of illumination but a nod to tradition, these gas outdoor lanterns or gas lamps merge practicality with a timeless allure, offering a continuous glow that captures the essence of classic camping experiences.

The reliability of a as lantern is notable, as their performance is not hindered by the limits of battery life or the need for electrical hookups, making them a steadfast beacon in the wilderness. Moreover, the ease of use associated with these lanterns means that you can spend less time on setup and more on enjoying the serene beauty of the night sky. For anyone looking to elevate their outdoor lighting scenario with a tool that is as robust and dependable as it is picturesque, investing in a gas lantern promises an enriched, unforgettable outdoor adventure.

What to look for when buying an outdoor gas lantern?

When selecting the perfect gas lantern to complement your camping or RVing experience, several key characteristics should be closely scrutinized to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction. Foremost, the quality of craftsmanship in lantern natural gas models is paramount; materials that resist weathering and corrosion contribute to the longevity of your gas lamps. Consistent and efficient fuel consumption is another significant factor, as it dictates the running cost and the frequency of gas refills. The luminosity and adjustability of the flame are crucial; a good gas outdoor lantern will offer a range of brightness settings to suit different needs, from intimate ambient glows to brighter illumination for tasks.

Additionally, the design of the gas lights should incorporate sturdy construction to withstand various outdoor conditions, coupled with ease of ignition and flame control for user convenience. Safety features should not be overlooked, with secure mounting options and protective enclosures around the flame being especially important for both peace of mind and prevention of accidents.

Lastly, while not directly related to their functional aspects, the aesthetic appeal of outdoor gas lanterns should align with your personal taste and the desired ambiance of your outdoor space, as they serve not only as light sources but as decorative elements in their own right. Selecting a lantern that harmonizes these attributes will greatly enhance your outdoor adventures by providing a reliable, atmospheric light source that stands the test of time and elements.

Lantern #1: COLEMAN Northstar Propane Lantern

Outdoor gas lanterns, like the COLEMAN Northstar Propane Lantern, hold a distinguished place among camping and RVing essentials, offering a harmonious balance of practical lighting needs and atmospheric charm. This lantern, in particular, excels due to its high-performance output, delivering bright light to enhance outdoor living spaces effectively. Fueled by lantern natural gas, the COLEMAN Northstar provides a consistent luminosity, unswayed by the unpredictability that often accompanies battery-operated devices, making it a go-to piece of gear for those seeking dependable lighting outdoors.

The design of this outdoor lantern also ensures ease of operation with features like an adjustable dimmer knob for fine-tuned brightness control, catering to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Robust and designed to withstand the elements, the COLEMAN Northstar Propane Lantern is not only a source of light; it is a centerpiece that fosters a warm, inviting ambiance, integral to creating an unforgettable outdoor experience. Its durable construction and the soothing flicker of its natural flame consolidate its status as a premium choice among outdoor gas lanterns and gas lamps for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Lantern #2: PRIMUS MicronLantern

The PRIMUS MicronLantern stands out as a very good choice among outdoor gas lanterns and gas lamps, offering unparalleled utility and pleasant aesthetics for campers and RV enthusiasts alike. As a beacon of lantern natural gas, this compact yet powerful lantern is a staple for those who prioritize both portability and performance. Unlike conventional gas lamps, the PRIMUS MicronLantern boasts a unique, sturdy design that makes it ideal for hanging or standing, thus fitting seamlessly as a gas outdoor wall mount or as a central light source atop a camp table. This versatility is cherished by users who require their outdoor gas lanterns and gas lamps to adapt to varying conditions and settings.

Furthermore, its fine mesh globe not only optimizes the distribution of its warm glow but also safeguards the durability of the unit, ensuring it holds up against the rigors of the outdoor environment. The efficiency of the PRIMUS MicronLantern, fueled by clean-burning lantern natural gas, is notable, providing a bright and consistent light that enhances the nighttime ambiance without the flickering issues sometimes found in traditional gas lamps. In summary, the PRIMUS MicronLantern is celebrated for its optimal blend of robustness, ease of use, and the charming aesthetic it imparts to any outdoor setting, solidifying its position as a very good gas lantern in the market.

Lantern #3: PRIMUS Mimer Duo

The PRIMUS Mimer Duo is a staple amongst outdoor gas lanterns for several reasons that affirm its status as a very good choice for outdoor lighting enthusiasts. This lantern is meticulously designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal, fulfilling the role of gas lights with remarkable efficiency. It operates seamlessly with a blend of butane and propane, ensuring that the Mimer Duo provides a stable and generous light output, which is an essential quality of superior outdoor gas lanterns. The adaptability of this model is also notable; it works well with different types of gas canisters, making it a flexible option for outdoor illumination.

Durability is a key feature, with a construction that withstands the unpredictable nature of the outdoors, highlighting the reliability that is much sought after in outdoor gas lanterns. The ease of use is palpable in the design of the Mimer Duo; its straightforward ignition system ensures that users can initiate the warm glow of their gas lights with minimal effort, enhancing their lighting experience.

Furthermore, the adjustable flame of the Mimer Duo allows for precise brightness control, which is greatly appreciated when creating the desired atmosphere in an outdoor setting. The reassuring presence of the Mimer Duo’s steady and consistent light makes it a very good addition to any adventurer’s gear, as it captures the essence of what outdoor gas lanterns should provide: a reliable, enchanting, and practical light source that turns any ordinary night under the stars into an extraordinary experience.

Lantern #4: CAMPINGAZ Lantern Camping 206 L

The CAMPINGAZ Lantern Camping 206 L is a celebrated option among outdoor gas lanterns, due to its well-rounded capabilities that cater to the camper’s need for both a reliable light source and an ambient atmosphere. As a lamp, it utilizes a cartridge system which make it straightforward to hook up, alleviating the hassles often associated with more complex assembly or preparation. This practicality immediately stands out to those who value efficiency and simplicity in their outdoor gear.

Its versatility as a mounted lantern natural gas is particularly noteworthy, as it can be easily affixed in various outdoor settings, whether it is illuminating a cozy corner or brightening a broader communal space. Because it has been designed with the user experience in mind, the CAMPINGAZ Lantern offers a warm, steady flame that not only serves the functional purpose of lighting but also complements the natural beauty of the surroundings, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the campsite.

When it comes to durability, this lantern shines as well, with a robust build that assures longevity and consistent performance, qualities that are indispensable in any lighting equipment. The CAMPINGAZ 206 L’s integration of ease, efficiency, and enchanting light output confirms why it is rated as a very good choice among its peers in the world of outdoor gas lanterns.

Lantern #5: PRIMUS Easy Light Duo

The PRIMUS Easy Light Duo stands as a very good embodiment of what outdoor gas lanterns are renowned for, marrying convenience with excellent lighting capabilities. As a gas lamp, it exemplifies the core qualities sought after by night-time adventurers: it is straightforward in its operation, allowing users to quickly engage the light without the intricate setup that might bog down the enjoyment of the outdoors. This outdoor luminary is celebrated for its consistent performance, shining brightly without interruption, a testament to the reliability that gas lights are known to provide.

The PRIMUS Easy Light Duo’s versatility is underscored by its compatibility with a wide range of gas canisters, which makes resupply simpler and its application broader across different outdoor scenarios. Additionally, its construction considers the ruggedness required for enduring the outdoor elements, ensuring that this gas lantern upholds its luminosity night after night. The light emitted from this gas lantern is not only bright but also adjustable, allowing for ambiance tuning to enhance the natural tranquility of the campsite. Overarchingly, the PRIMUS Easy Light Duo secures its place as a quintessential companion for those who seek the unique charm and dependability of outdoor gas lanterns while exploring the wilderness.

Common Safety Mechanisms in Outdoor Gas Lanterns

Outdoor gas lanterns are designed with a range of safety mechanisms to ensure that the enchantment of lantern natural gas does not come at the expense of security. These lanterns commonly include features such as sturdy bases or secure hanging systems to prevent tipping and to keep the lantern stable in various outdoor environments. Many models are equipped with protective globes that shield the flame from wind and contain it within a specified area, averting the risk of accidental fires or injuries.

Another key safety feature inherent to these gas lights is the presence of a control valve, which allows users to regulate the flow of gas and the intensity of the flame, thereby minimizing the chance of over-fueling that could lead to flare-ups. Moreover, the construction of gas lamps often involves materials that are not only heat resistant but also capable of enduring routine exposure to outdoor elements, which contributes to the durability and safety of the device.

To enhance safety during operation, outdoor gas lanterns are also frequently built with an automatic shut-off mechanism that activates if the lantern gets too hot or if it tips over. This is an essential safety measure, especially in the dynamic outdoor settings where lanterns are typically used. Additionally, some outdoor lanterns incorporate an enclosed design that helps in preventing contact with the hot surface of the lantern, protecting users from potential burns.

In summary, outdoor gas lanterns prioritize safety through stable design, flame control, protective materials, and automatic shut-off mechanisms, ensuring that the inviting glow of gas lamps and lights can be enjoyed without compromising the well-being of the camper or the environment.

Tips for using Outdoor Gas Lanterns

When embracing the rustic charm of RVing and camping, outdoor gas lanterns are indispensable for their practical illumination and the ambiance they provide. One pivotal tip for using these lanterns effectively is to prioritize placement; ensure your gas outdoor lantern is positioned on a stable surface or securely hung to prevent it from being knocked over. Another important consideration is to regularly check and maintain your gas lamps, cleaning the globe and replacing mantles as needed, to guarantee optimal light output and efficiency.

Always keep a close eye on fuel levels so that your gas lights don’t run out unexpectedly, and carry spare canisters if venturing far from resupply points. It’s also crucial to exercise caution by keeping lanterns away from flammable materials and ensuring that they are turned off before leaving your campsite or going to sleep.

Moreover, leveraging the adjustable features of outdoor gas lanterns allows you to set the right level of brightness for various outdoor activities, from a dim glow for a serene evening under the stars to a radiant light for nighttime gatherings. Implementing these tips will ensure your outdoor gas lanterns remain a reliable and enchanting feature of your outdoor adventures, enhancing your experience while prioritizing safety and functionality.


In conclusion, the five top-tier outdoor gas lanterns detailed in this article embody the necessary features for enhancing any RVing or camping experience with their blend of function, nostalgia, and aesthetic appeal. These gas lamps offer the soft, inviting illumination that only a lantern natural gas can provide, bringing a sense of traditional charm to modern outdoor adventures.

The COLEMAN Northstar Propane Lantern stands out with its high-performance output and ease of use, including an adjustable dimmer knob that satisfies various outdoor lighting needs. Its robust construction and consistent luminance make it a premium selection for those who value both durability and comfort in their outdoor gas lanterns.

The PRIMUS MicronLantern is notable for its compact design and multi-functional capabilities as a gas outdoor wall mount or a central table light. Its fine mesh globe ensures both effective light distribution and increased durability, catering to those seeking a blend of portable convenience and reliable performance.

The PRIMUS Mimer Duo is an excellent example of a versatile gas lamp, compatible with a diverse array of gas canisters and boasting an easy-to-use ignition system. The flexibility and control offered by its adjustable flame make it a very good choice for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in an array of outdoor settings.

For campers who prioritize straightforwardness, the CAMPINGAZ Lantern Camping 206 L delivers with its cartridge system and versatile mounting options. Its steady flame and durable build highlight the traditional role of gas outdoor wall lanterns as reliable sources of illumination that enhance the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

Finally, the PRIMUS Easy Light Duo encapsulates the essence of outdoor gas lanterns through its easy operation, consistent performance, compatibility with multiple gas canisters, and rugged construction. The ease of adjusting its bright light ensures that every night spent under the stars can be tailored to the desired tranquility or sociability.

Each of these outdoor gas lanterns has been crafted to raise the standard for outdoor lighting, marrying the reliable, enchanting glow of a with the necessary safety features and functional design suited to a variety of outdoor environments. They serve not just as practical tools but as central components in crafting memorable outdoor experiences, ensuring that the traditional spirit of lantern natural gas continues to play a pivotal role in camping and RVing adventures.

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