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The 6 Best Reasons To install RV Skirting This Winter

If you are a Canadian you know that winter is an inevitable season where you often face freezing temperatures. These cold temperatures can be detrimental to your RV and can lead to expensive damage, thus it is important to take the necessary precautions of protecting your RV from the elements. You should be particularly worried about your pipes and tanks as they can be most susceptible to damage in the event of freezing temperatures and water remaining inside these pipes you can get bursts that lead to significant water damage. Now, if you bought an RV that came with specific winter weather options such that it can be modified to handle winter conditions then you should not need to worry about skirting. However, if this is not the case or you want added protection then skirting is an important winter preparatory step to take. Skirting entails using materials to seal off the undercarriage of your RV. Note that various materials and means of skirting can be used and various options exist for you as an RV owner. The following list includes some of the key reasons you should consider skirting your RV for the upcoming winter season! Also, if you want more information regarding why you should keep using your RV in the winter please check out one of our previous blogs! 

Protect pipes and tanks

As previously mentioned, your first and foremost priority should be your pipes and tanks as if they freeze and contain water then they could burst and this could lead to severe water damage that would be very expensive and inconvenient to fix. Therefore, skirting is the best way to ensure that your pipes and tanks won’t freeze and will be protected from the elements during the winter season

Stay warm

Another great reason to skirt your RV is to keep your RV warm and comfortable! Specifically, skirting just like having curtains provides an extra layer of insulation protecting you from the exterior, which is especially important when there are below freezing temperatures during the winter months. We also have another blog on the topic of insulating your RV windows in the winter and summer properly that you may want to check out!

Save money

Although it may cost money to get materials to skirt your RV it is worth the investment as you can reuse materials each winter and also benefit from saving money on things like propane because your RV is now warmer due to the added layer of insulation. It will also save you money on damages due to freezing as you will not be risking your pipes freezing.

You will still be able to use your RV

Also, just because you are skirting your RV does not mean you can’t still use your RV and access your tanks! Not only will you still be able to use your RV as previously mentioned you should be cozy in your RV due to the added insulative layer provided from skirting. Therefore, if you are interested in winter camping or using your RV during colder seasons you will be able to enjoy your RV despite the conditions! 

Increase storage

Additionally, by skirting your RV and doing so in a strategic manner you can increase storage! This storage can be for certain items that would typically be outside during the summer months but you would like to be stored securely in the winter. For instance, if you are able to skirt the hitch area this will instantly create a great storage space. 

Protect Tires

A major benefit of RV skirting is that it can keep your tires protected from the elements such as UV and weather conditions of the winter which will allow you to prolong their lifespan as you will be avoiding the drying out and cracking of your tires. Thus, you will keep your tires safe for the road and save money associated with replacing your tires more frequently. 

How to Install an RV Skirt

Now that you’re convinced that skirting your RV is the best option to save money, secure your rig and store what you need efficiently during the winter months the question becomes how do you skirt your RV? As mentioned, there are many ways to skirt your RV and many available materials. You can use materials yourself such as plywood which is an inexpensive and strong material. If you would like a more flexible material you could use insulation panels. It is important to avoid hay bales however as they can serve as a fire hazard, attract unwanted creatures and are not reusable. Please note that skirting your RV can be a DIY project or you can pay a company to design a custom skirt for you. However, it is important to note that custom skirts can be more expensive than a homemade skirt, but could potentially last longer so it is important to consider these tradeoffs.

Other RV Winterizing Ideas 

It is also important to mention other types of materials that can be used to keep the interior of your RV protected from the elements year round, namely blinds, curtains, and window sun shades. For instance blinds can be used to add privacy, insulation, and customize your RV if you select based on colour and aesthetic. Various types of blinds, shades or curtains exist such as blackout curtains, RV roller shades, RV window covers, RV skylight shades, RV window shades, trailer curtains, or RV window blinds. You can also use car sun shades, windshield sun shades or car window sun shades for your car when towing your camper or trailer. Once you have decided on the type of blinds, shades or curtains you would like for your RV or trailer you can buy blinds online or order blinds online in Canada. Check out discount blinds Canada, horizontal blinds Canada, quick blinds Edmonton for some great blinds options. 


Overall, skirting your RV is an important responsibility for a Canadian RV owner considering the harsh winters every Canadian has to deal with! Especially considering that skirting is the best way to ensure that your pipes and tanks won’t burst, your RV will stay warm, you will save money, you will still be able to use your rig and you will increase storage and also protect your tires thus ensuring they have a prolonged lifespan! 

For more information on ways to prepare your RV for winter including selecting an appropriate cover please check out our past blog on this topic! 

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