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The Most Innovative Environmentally Friendly RVs and RV Products of 2023

2023 has been a big year for innovation, specifically in the areas of conservation, energy production and transportation. RV innovations are coming along greatly and there are tons of new products and vehicles to admire. As technology continues to grow smarter and be used in more efficient ways, we are constantly looking to the latest and greatest. Here we will look at some of the most innovative products of 2023 and how they plan to keep growing.

Electric RVs

Electric RVs are long thought of, but still recently produced items which have been hitting the showrooms of dealers, at least the concept vehicles have. Of course the main draw to an electric RV is the ability to substantially lower your environmental footprint. In the near future electric RVs may eliminate the need for gas powered features completely. By eliminating the need for the use of fossil fuels you are automatically lowering the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. Currently the market for lowering your RV footprint is relying on the use of solar panels to power small appliances in your motorhome, thus taking some strain off the battery. It is expected that more solar features will come into the forefront of the industry as well, allowing people to take even more advantage of the free clean energy coming from the sun. Currently the only fully electric RVs on the market are available in Europe, however there are some in the works for the American market very shortly.

Zendure Solar Panel Energy Station

The Zendure power stations currently on the market are some of the worlds first home energy storage systems with semi solid batteries. This means that they have up to 42% more energy per pound compared to lithium ion batteries. These power stations are charged by the power of the sun through solar panels. The power stations can also connect to your phone so you can monitor the amount of life left in your solar charged batteries at any given time. They are a great option for RV owners as they can power tons of your RV appliances and toys. These stations come in all different sizes and storage capacities and can be stored safely and securely in your RV.

TAXA Offroad RVs

TAXA offroad RVs are vehicles designed for life and adventure. Some of the biggest issues faced by most RVs are their limitations for where they can be taken. While RV campgrounds are beautiful and restful, some campers are looking for a more rocky path to relaxation. TAXA RVs are designed to get into the rough areas, backwoods and off road trails. Their appliances and furniture are all designed to be durable and stored in ways that do not bounce around on the inside when not in use. They are also made out of sustainable materials and have a low carbon footprint. They are made to be extremely lightweight as well which helps to cut down on fuel costs during towing. All of their products are designed to fit into a standard sized garage which means there is no need to find an extra storage space or pay for winter storage.  One of their largest models can sleep over 4 adults and has the option of a rooftop tent which increases the sleeping ability by 3 people. TAXA vehicles are designed with adventure and life in mind and many of their features serve dual purposes. They are surely one of the best options for RV owners who are looking for sustainability and fun in the same package.

The Living Vehicle

The Living Vehicle is very special in terms of its production. It can be used as an RV or also for full time living. It was released in 2022 and is still in the process of fine tuning its features. These rigs were specifically designed with environmental sustainability in mind and have some really wonderful developments. They come with solar panels and battery storage which produces enough energy to power a standard work office for an entire day. It also has its own water generation system which runs off of atmospheric pressure and moisture. They are also completely designed per purchase and can be customized to your liking. On top of all of this they can also be fitted with Apple products to maximize the technology in your RV. While this of course means they have a hefty price tag attached, they are certainly available to people who are looking for sustainably living in an RV style dream home.

Organic Latex RV Mattress

Something that is often taken for granted when thinking of the RV lifestyle is the mattresses inside. It may not come to mind as one of the more important aspects yet it can make a huge difference. Not only for sleep and comfortability but also for sustainability and carbon footprint. Mattresses have tons of different components from cotton, chemicals, to springs and metals, to synthetic fibres and trim. Investing in an eco-friendly mattress can be a huge step forward in sustainability. The organic latex RV mattresses are made from certified organic cotton and come with the GreenGuard eco friendly certification. All of the materials used are natural and made in America. They’re also incredibly comfortable and plush, so there is no need to sacrifice your comfort. They come in all sizes you could possibly need in your RV including any specifically designed beds in hard to reach spaces. They are guaranteed to have no toxic chemicals in their production and are also flame retardant. All of these great innovations also mean that this mattress does not keep in heat and sleeps cooler than normally produced mattresses.


Whether you are searching for innovative RVs or new innovations for your RV, there are tons to look for in 2023. As technology continues to progress and new ideas emerge, one thing is for sure. RV owners are in for a real treat and will soon be spending time in their RVs at lower prices and lower carbon footprints.

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Ashley Juneau
Ashley Juneau
As an Environmental Technician, I have developed a deep passion for protecting our environment and promoting sustainability. Over the course of my schooling and career, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of environmental issues, including pollution control, waste management, and environmental compliance. I have also honed my skills in conducting environmental assessments, analyzing data, and developing effective strategies to mitigate environmental risks. Throughout my work, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering high-quality results while adhering to strict safety standards and regulations. I am a dedicated professional who is always seeking new ways to improve my skills and make a positive impact in the world.
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