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How to empty your RV waste tank – Best Products Available

Planning your next RV vacation is always something to look forward to, and tends to be almost as exciting as the actual vacation itself. Who doesn’t love dreaming about their next exciting location or which breathtaking sights to see along the way. While there are tons of fun things to plan for, there are some things that people can often forget about or put on the backburner. Things like your RV waste. It may not be the most exciting thing to plan for, however it is crucial to being sustainable and hygienic. Nobody wants to end up sick or uncomfortable due to some forgotten or mistreated waste. Here we will examine the best methods and tips for handling your RV waste on your next RV vacation. 

Best Tips for New RV Owners

If you are new to the RV ownership scene, handling your RV waste can be a bit daunting. It is not something people widely advertise how to handle. But rest assured that it is easier than it seems and there are many resources to help you in the learning curve. 

Be sure to know the difference between your black water tank, and your grey water tanks. Black water tanks hold the sewage that is created within the RV and is very unsafe, it must be handled with the utmost care. Grey water tanks hold the waste water from your RV which includes water from sinks, showers and dishwashers. This water may have some bacteria but is not considered sewage. There are some sanitary holding tank products that can be used for either black or grey water, and others which are specially designed. Be sure to keep track of your tanks and know which is which. Also be sure you have the proper tools to empty these tanks. These include the right hoses, valves and transport tools. Luckily, there are some great articles and blogs from RV users which can help you with this process. RV campgrounds and parks should have specific dumping stations for these types of wastes, so be sure to utilize them during your trip and before you leave. It is always best to travel with a lighter and cleaner RV. 

Holding Tank Cleanliness

Treating your holding tanks is a great tip for new and experienced RV campers. Think of your holding tanks as some of the most important equipment within your RV. They should be pampered and treated accordingly. Treatments can and should be used in your holding tanks before dumping them. Adding a treatment allows enzymes to break down bacteria and waste prior to being dumped. This means it will be healthier and easier to transport through valves and pipes. No one wants to find out later that there were some ‘solids’ left in their holding tanks. So be sure to use treatment and flush out the holding tanks after dumping. 

Black then Grey

As previously mentioned, black water tanks hold the dangerous sewage, while grey water tanks hold regular wastewater. This means that the grey water can be used for other purposes. While some people choose to use this water on things like gardening, a great tip is to use your grey water for flushing out your black water holding tank. Now that we know the black water tank needs to be flushed, after the dumping of the black water, use your grey water to push through the black water tank. This is a great, sustainable and eco-friendly way to keep your black water tank as clean as possible. 

Even after using your grey water to flush through the black water tank, it is important to use some clean water to flush through as well. It is crucial to keep a clean black water tank and in order to know it is clean, you need to see clear water come out of the other end. Luckily most RV campgrounds have hoses at the sanitary dumping stations specifically for this reason. Run water through your black water tank until you see the water coming out clear and free of debris. You can also invest in a specific tank flusher tool to help with the cleaning process. They help to get into the hard to reach places within the tank and also control the water pressure for a more intense flush. 

RV Dump Toolkit

Now that you know how much goes into the RV waste process, it is clear to see there are a decent number of tools you can use to help with this. For the purpose of ease, make yourself a dedicated tool kit with all that you need in one handy place. Be sure to have dedicated hoses which only leave this toolkit for dumping. You never want to mix up your potable water hose with your waste hose. Have extra valves available as a backup. Have latex gloves included as a safety precaution and of course sanitizer or soap. Another great addition to your toolkit should be a hose support system. These allow the tank hoses to drain at an angle and therefore avoid any back ups or issues within the hose. Also be sure to store all of your tank flusher and treatment chemicals within your toolkit. Having all of your RV waste items in one place is going to make your life much easier on waste dumping trips. 

The main takeaway from this article should be that RV waste disposal can be a bit of a large task. However, there are so many great tools to help you make it as easy as possible. Not only that, the RV community provides such incredible support and you should never be afraid to ask for help. There will be RV campers at every turn who are ready and willing to help you with whatever you need. We all know that starting a new journey like being an RV owner can be daunting, but the community is there to help you. Rely on your colleagues, fellow campers and RV blog posts to support you in your journey, and it will surely be a whole lot easier than expected. 

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Ashley Juneau
Ashley Juneau
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